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Collateral Damage – Part 3

StarCraft 2 Collateral Damage Landscape

I just got through reading the last few pages of Collateral Damage, and I refuse to spoil anything.  All I’ll say is that it has a bittersweet ending, and that its title is ever so fitting.  Overall, Collateral Damage was a good read, and the last few pages did a good job of wrapping everything up in terms of both character and storyline.

Toward the end of the story, Pandora’s character seems to change a bit.  Though she once considered almost everything an obstacle and did anything to accomplish her goals, signs of remorse and uncertainty are seen in Pandora throughout the end of Collateral Damage.  It’s a change that one would expect from such a character, and it makes her seem very human.

Ultimately, however, it’s her dedication to her mission that ends up costing her.  Even after doing exactly what she set out to do, she isn’t completely happy.  The consequences of her decisions hit hard, and though she is considered a hero among her colleagues, she feels remorse, regret, and sorrow at the end of Collateral Damage.

After reading the last few pages of this 11-page short story, it’s hard not to recommend Collateral Damage to StarCraft fans, science fiction fans, and people who love good abstract reads.  Though it starts off a little slow, the storytelling really picks up toward the middle, and this is reason enough to garner a read-through by fans of the subject matter.  Admittedly, the middle part of the story is easily the most enthralling, but the beginning serves to introduce the story and characters, and the bittersweet finale wraps everything up nicely.

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