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Welcome To The Fungal

Hot on the heels of patch 1.1 and 1.1.1 comes a new “Developer’s Corner” blog on – this time about the vaunted 1v1 game.

For whatever reason – loneliness, the realization gamers are solitary pizza-pocket eating basement cave dwellers, or simple apathy – Blizzard has been extremely focused on the balance of the 1v1 game to the exclusion of all else.

This has given those with “friends” a bone to pick with the boys in Blue, as they feel that their 2v2, 3v3 and 3.14v9.68 should be the only matches that matter.

Guess what suckas – we lonely losers win this time.

The Developer’s Corner blog is broken up into several parts, the first being a breakdown of “races played” statistics. Turns out that overall, Protoss and Terran are played almost equally – 38.5% and 38.0% of the time, and the Zerg trail far behind at the low low value of 23.5%. Though the “who wins” numbers don’t actually show that Zerg are taking it that badly, very few players seem to want to jump on the creepy crawly bandwagon, and having spent the last week pulling our hair out yelling “HOW COULD THEY HAVE MADE SO MANY $%^$ing MARINES ALREADY???” when playing ZvT or “DIE PHOTON CANNONS DIE” when playing ZvP, we can understand why.

Following up the listing of the hard numbers is just what Blizzard plans to do about it in the long term. First up – they’re making Roaches have a larger range, hoping to off-set the fact that they’ve significantly slowed down their buried health regeneration rates. In addition, Blizz plans to upgrade the health of Zerg tech buildings to prevent them from getting hammered in early rushes and bleeding their unit-upgrading goodness out over the ground.

But of course that’s not all they’re doing – with every buff stick comes a nerf hammer, and the Protoss and Terrans are getting a large dose of spongy nerfness to the face.

Protoss are getting their Stalker Blink nerfed – if Stalkers get Fungal Growth from an Infestor, they can’t Blink. This is to prevent endless Blink rushes from Protoss players, but is going to lead to heaps of QQ rushes from deeply saddened forum posters.

Terrans, meanwhile, are having their early-game abilities further nerfed by requiring a Supply Depot to be built before a Barracks. This is intended to stop Reaper rushes, but is going to mean that it will be significantly longer (in early game terms) before Terrans can field an army of decent size.

In addition, the plan is to make the Reaper speed upgrade available not at the Barracks tech lab, but at the Factory, further impacting their use as a rushing force.

Not cool Blizz, not cool.

Right now these changes are only tentative, but we’re not too stoked. While we understand that the biological Zerg need to be balanced against the two Tech races, this kind of continual nerf-buff cycle won’t likely solve the problem.

Zerg play differently than the other races, and need to be buffed differently. Handing them the same deals as Terran and Protoss simply won’t work – they’re odd, they’re gross, they’re GROWING.

And we kinda like it.

Hey we’re just fungi(s).

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