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A Look at the Blizzard Store

Video game merch is a beautiful thing. I remember getting my very first Super Mario Bros. t-shirt when I was a sophomore in high school and wearing that t-shirt proudly. I didn’t wear it too often because I wanted to preserve it, something I never do with any of my t-shirts. Then this past summer I purchased an awesome Earthbound jacket on The beautifully-designed red track jacket with the PK Love logo on the left side of the chest is one of my most prized possessions, and its indie look just makes me like it even more. So many great Earthbound-related products on Fangamer… *Sigh*

I don’t have too much video game merchandise lying around. Aside from the aforementioned pieces of clothing, I have an additional two t-shirts based on the Mario universe that I picked up this past October at a nearby privately-owned video game shop. (Support your local video game vendor!) Earlier this week I was perusing the StarCraft II website, only to see a link to the Blizzard Store. I’d visited the store before, but I never had any interest in purchasing DVDs with all the cut scenes from StarCraft. Personally, if I want to see the cut scenes, I want to see them integrated into the gameplay.

But I digress. So I clicked on the link and saw something of pure beauty: the StarCraft II Ghost messenger bag. I was in awe. Not since the Escargo Express messenger bag on Fangamer—which is sold out, darn it!—had I seen such a great book bag. I think it’s safe to say I WANT IT! The book bag I currently take to school is the same one I’ve been using for the past five years. That’s half a decade, folks! It’s torn from the inside, the strap is ripping off, and it is no longer the clean red it once was; yeah, it’s sort of a grayish red now. That’s povertysauce for ya!

So how much does this lovely StarCraft II-themed messenger bag cost? Well, it’s $64.99, which isn’t shabby at all. It looks pretty roomy, so hard-working students like me can carry their books, notepads, pens, pencils, Nintendo DS, and a laptop (I don’t have a laptop…yet) and still have room to spare. The fact that it comes with multiple compartments makes it even sweeter for someone like me who gets really irked when stuff gets mixed up in my book bag. And as if that wasn’t enough, it’s a pretty durable bag. Not only is it resistant to water, but its tough design makes it hard to tear. And given the look of my current book bag, I really need something that won’t tear.

So maybe it was a mistake for me to take a look at the Blizzard Store. After all, I’m barely making enough as it is to pay the bills and buy some games. So, much like with StarCraft: Frontline, I can once again add another piece of awesome StarCraft merchandise to my list of things to buy. I think this messenger bag may have to be bumped up to number one solely based on the fact that I desperately need a new book bag for school.

So my wonderful StarCraft Fan readers, check out the Blizzard Store. There are board games, posters, mouse pads, the StarCraft: Frontline manga, and an awesome messenger bag. I’m sure you’ll find something you want to buy. And if you’re low on funds like this writer, then you can still do some window shopping!

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